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How it Works
Student Homestay Services Inc. wants to pay YOU to host our international students! Homestay is an opportunity for people of different languages and cultures to live and learn together. It is best suited for families living in the Toronto area that are interested in sharing their lifestyle with others and taking part in a positive and mutual learning experience.

We accept new host applications year round. However, homestay is directly related to the tourism industry and as such many more students come to study in Toronto during the spring and summer months.

Students from many different countries sign up with a school to learn English. If they need a place to live they ask for homestay. Most students sign up for at least a 4 week booking, and often extend if they are happy in their homestay.


Having meals provided is helpful because students do not have to worry about shopping, or having to spend time and energy preparing meals. Student can sign-up for the 2 meal plan (breakfast and dinner) or the 3 meal plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Many families do not eat breakfast or lunch together and will let the students prepare their own breakfast and/or lunch.

Breakfast - is the smallest meal of the day. Possible breakfast choices are: cereal, toast, eggs, fruit, etc., students usually prepare their own breakfast based on the foods the host has mentioned can be used.

Lunch - is usually sandwiches, a fruit and a drink and perhaps a little dessert.
* This is not eaten at the home. It is prepared ahead of time and you take it to school. Remember, if you sign up for the 2 meal plan, then you are responsible for buying your lunch 7 days per week.

Dinner - in North America dinner is the biggest meal of the day. This should be a well-balanced meal.
* Dinner time is usually eaten with the family between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM. This is a great opportunity to have conversation with the family, as everyone usually gets together to share the events of their day.



Location is also very important to students. Students love it when they can walk to the subway.

Please know that students do not want to walk farther than 10 minutes to the subway, and if you are farther than that please indicate that they need to take a bus.


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is an excellent system that can transport you around the city. The TTC includes subways, buses, and streetcars and offers free maps and information in 140 languages.

Our homestays are conveniently located near places of transportation. Most homestays are only a walk or short bus ride to a subway station. In general, the homestays are within reasonable distances to your school (by public transportation).



A private washroom is a washroom designated for the use of only one student. A shared student washroom is not considered a private washroom. Private washrooms could be an ensuite washroom or just a washroom that is assigned for the use of one student. A private washroom is considered a three piece bathroom, and not a two piece. If you have a two piece bathroom, please indicate this in the comments section of the application.


For repair work and appliances, please contact Danny Biondi at 416-742-1744.
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