Rates and Payment


Refund Policy
Registration fee's are Non-Refundable, and all refunds are subject to a $100 administration fee. To receive a homestay refund, we require written notification at least 2 weeks in advance.
Registration Process

1. Make a payment
- Send the non-refundable registration fee and first 4 weeks of homestay.

2. Receiving homestay information
- Once payment is received, the Family Profile will be emailed approximately 2-3 weeks before your arrival date.

3. Flight Information Needed
- It is important that all students send their flight information, even if you are not requesting airport reception. This is because your host will need to make arrangements to be home at the time your flight lands. If this is not given, you are taking the risk of arriving at the home, with no one there to welcome you into the house.

4. Airport Pick-up
- If airport reception is requested, a letter regarding more information about your pick-up with our emergency number will be provided.

5. Grace Period
- After arriving you have the first week to decide if you like the homestay. We will contact you in the first week to see how you are doing, though of course, you are welcome to contact us as well at any time. If you decide to change your homestay family, you must inform Student Homestay Services Inc. in the first week, otherwise you will have to move at the end of the first 4 week period. Changing homestays will be discussed with the student on an individual basis.

6. Host Payment
- Your host is paid by SHS in the beginning of the second week.

7. Extending your Homestay
- If you wish to extend in homestay beyond your initial booking, then you must pay Student Homestay Services Inc. 2 weeks after arrival (for weeks 58). This means that you will be paying 2 weeks in advance. You should continue to pay Student Homestay Services Inc. for each session, 2 weeks in advance until you wish to leave the homestay.

NOTE: If you fail to pay on-time you will be charged an additional $100 late payment fee.


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