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Homestay Application
Homestay Application

How We Work
  • You fill out a registration form.
  • You make a payment for the placement fee, and a minimum of the first 4 weeks of homestay.
  • Once payment is received we match you up with a family.
  • We send you a family profile.
  • You are delivered to your homestay by our driver if airport reception is required.
  • We visit you at your school or we contact you by phone or email within the first couple of days after you have arrived to find out how you are doing.


When you are in homestay you will get to speak to your host every day. Your host is there to assist in answering any questions you may have and to help you address any concerns that may arise. Also, there may be other international students living in the house that you will be able to do things with.

English is spoken in the home at all times. This will reduce the time it will take for you to learn the language, because you will be speaking it all the time to people who are fluent in English. Being in homestay lets you enjoy the comfort of a normal home. You will be able to share use of the living areas in your hostís house. The television, radio and laundry facilities are all available for you. All linens and towels will be supplied to you.

Homestay provides an opportunity for people from different cultures to live and learn together. The friendships that develop often last a lifetime. The experiences you encounter will be ones that you never forget. A Canadian family is waiting here - for you!


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is an excellent system that can transport you around the city. The TTC includes subways, buses, and streetcars and offers free maps and information in 140 languages.

Our homestays are conveniently located near places of transportation. Most homestays are only a walk or short bus ride to a subway station. In general, the homestays are within reasonable distances to your school (by public transportation).



Toronto has a space problem and therefore, private washrooms are not a common way of life here in Toronto. It is very common for a student to share the washroom with members of the homestay family, or other students. If a private washroom is very important to you then we will do our best to honour your request, but there will be an additional charge for this service.


Having meals provided for you is helpful because then you do not have to worry about doing any shopping, or having to spend time and energy preparing meals.

You can sign up on the 2 meal plan (breakfast and dinner) or the 3 meal plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Many families do not eat breakfast or lunch together and will let the students prepare their own breakfast and/or lunch.

Breakfast - is the smallest meal of the day. Possible breakfast choices are: cereal, toast, eggs, fruit, etc., students usually prepare their own breakfast based on the foods the host has mentioned can be used.

Lunch - is usually sandwiches, a fruit and a drink and perhaps a little dessert.
* This is not eaten at the home. It is prepared ahead of time and you take it to school. Remember, if you sign up for the 2 meal plan, then you are responsible for buying your lunch 7 days per week.

Dinner - in North America dinner is the biggest meal of the day. This should be a well-balanced meal.
* Dinner time is usually eaten with the family between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM. This is a great opportunity to have conversation with the family, as everyone usually gets together to share the events of their day.


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